Families Helped

It really is that many! The list continues to grow.


Support Parcels Delivered

That's why every penny or tin donated really does make a difference.


Items Recycled

Every week hundreds of new and used items are donated through our service.

A little about Who we are and What we do:

Image placeholder Exmouth Friends in Need is a non profit organisation founded by Claire Austin in November 2018, It exists to help prevent and alleviate poverty for families in Exmouth and surrounding areas.
The team has grown considerably and now consists of many valued volunteers and helpers.

We offer support to local families by providing food (predominantly fresh food but not exclusively), general essential household items, topping up Gas and Electricity, help towards paying the fuel bills and even assisting in furnishing new households with white goods and everything they need to keep peoples' heads above water thus encouraging sustainability for those in temporary poverty or suffering hardship.
More About Us


New Families Every Week

For every family that no longer needs our support another new family requests help every week.


Weekly Support Parcels Delivered

Some days we deliver over 10 parcels a day!


Items Recycled Daily

Every day tens of items are picked up and dropped off reducing landfill waste and our carbon footprint.


FaceBook Group Members

In almost three years we've grown and need all the support we can get right now.

Members of the Exmouth community gift to the Facebook Group Page any unwanted items that are in fairly good condition.
We accept most of the following items to the group:

  • Electrical Goods
  • Gardening Equipment
  • Toys
  • Furniture
  • White Goods
  • Clothes and Bedding

Other members can then offer a donation to Exmouth Friends In Need in return for an item found on the Facebook Group Page.
Purchase methods include:

  • Cash Donations
  • Support Parcels

We then use these funds to purchase even more food and items to distribute among the families who really need it most!

We rely on donations to operate

Most of our donations are given to us by Exmouth community Friends in Need FaceBook members. We also receive donations from the general public and local businesses.

Join our FaceBook page if you're not already a member and contribute to the development of your community.

Please view The Guidance Notes on usage of the FaceBook Group. There are strict guidelines that we expect everyone to adhere to including ourselves. We do not tolerate harassment or abuse and aim to keep the page a safe place for all to use.
The Guidance Notes can be found here

We're always in need of Donations.

Get in touch to find out the best way you can help!